Jung-Lee Type Foundry

Jung-Lee Type Foundry[J-LTF] is an Amsterdam-based type foundry, founded in 2015 by Jungmyung Lee. 

As an experimental type foundry, J-LTF creates retail and custom typefaces, publishing endeavours, and autonomous works that expand ways of perceiving letterforms.   

Letterforms contain details, sentiments, and expressions that exude their own personalities and tones of voice. J-LTF typefaces are characters with their own life courses. They have ideas and feelings. They tell stories. Through a process of historical research, observation, and character-writing, J-LTF intricately creates and explores the lives and emotions of typefaces.  

J-LTF wants to stretch the meaning of a sentence by accommodating all of this life inside of it, creating a rich visual play with characters, setting, and plot. Curious about interlacing the verbal and the written – the interaction between language and typographic forms – J-LTF seeks generative and experimental exchange between the two. 

J-LTF also publishes under the umbrella J-LTF Press, whose first issue of experimental typography and art journal Real-Time Realist was published in 2017. Real-Time Realist is a serial publication that uses typography, visual art, and contemporary writing to closely and collaboratively examine the range of human affect as identified in Robert Plutchik’s Wheel of Emotions.

In all practices, J-LTF stands in solidarity against political and social injustice everywhere. To carry typefaces beyond the realm of symbolic gesture, J-LTF offers a Fundraising Membership that raises money for various organisations, while raising collective voices using the power of the letterform.

Web Development:  Arthur Haegeman
Design:  Jungmyung Lee
T&C Advice:  Ronja Andersen
Copy Editing:  Harriet Foyster


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Text for Jungka in the specimen is partially excerpted from ‘Solar Anus’ by Georges Bataille. 
Text for Pirelli is excerpted from ‘Compact’ by Maurice Roche and ‘Table’ by Francis Ponge. 
Text for Joseleen is excerpted from ‘Figure “D”: How The Emerald Ash Borer Is Causing The Ash Tree to Become Extinct during Our Lifetime: Notes For A Play’ by Lieven Lahaye. 


Bertelmanstraat 65,
1075 LV Amsterdam, NL

General Inquiries and Projects: mail@j-ltf.com
Licencing:  licencing@j-ltf.com
Membership Inquiries:  support@j-ltf.com
Photo Submission:  together@j-ltf.com