Licence Types
Custom Typefaces
What is a font licence?

A font Licence gives you the right to use a font for the purposes specified in each specific Licence. We offer a number of different Licence options, depending on which device(s) and platform(s) the font files are used for. The Licence is non-exclusive and non-transferable. If your use of the fonts increases beyond the agreed uses, you are required to upgrade your Licence.

What is the EULA?

EULA means ‘End User Licence Agreement’, and outlines the Terms and Conditions that apply to the use of our typefaces. By downloading and installing any of our typefaces, you automatically agree to the EULA. You can find the entire EULA here.

What is the Designer Licence?

If you are an independent graphic designer or a design studio, we offer a special Print/Desktop Licence, which allows you unlimited use of the typeface exclusively for printed matter. This is specifically aimed at designers working for artists and smaller cultural or non-profit institutions with limited means.

Who is the Licence Owner?

During check out you have to fill in the details of the Licence Owner, which can be different than the billing party. In most cases, the Licence Owner will be the client, who is allowed to provide the font files to a printer or graphic designer working solely on their behalf. These font files must be deleted by the third party after the project’s completion. The only exception is for the Desktop/Print Licence for designers, which allows a designer or design studio unlimited use of the typeface exclusively for printed matter, as specified in the Licence description. It does however not allow the designer to share the font files with the client.

Can I share/hand over the font files to my client?

This depends on who the Licence Holder is. If your client has purchased the Licence, they have the right to the font files and can share them with a printer or graphic designer working solely on their behalf, with the agreement to delete the font files after the project’s completion. If you as a designer are the Licence Holder and have used it in a project covered by the Licence Agreement, you cannot share the font files with your client.

I have the font files from my client for their project. Can I use them for my own projects?

If you need the same font files you received from your client for your separate projects, you need to acquire the Designer Licence.

Can I share a font, or documents using a font, with third parties?

When sharing digital documents with third parties in which our typefaces are used, you are required to render the typefaces used ‘static’ and ‘uneditable’ in order to prevent our digital typefaces from being copied from documents. You may provide a copy of our digital typeface to a printer, solely for the printing of a document without modifications on the basis of your instructions. The printer must delete our digital typeface immediately after the instruction has been carried out, for which you are liable. If you want to share the typeface with external third-party companies such as service/ad/branding agencies, subcontractors, freelancers, workshop partners and participants, etc., you will need a Third Party Desktop Licence.

Do designers need to acquire the Font Licences for a commissioned project?

Yes, your client needs to be a Licence Holder and you should be covered by the Client Licence. You, as a commissioned designer, can be a payment facilitator. Please note that you can ‘Share Cart’ with your client, once you reach the Shopping Cart page.

Can I change the font name?

No, you can’t change the font name under any circumstances without prior written agreement.

Can I modify and re-export your typeface?

No, it’s imperative that you cannot modify and re-export the font files. For requests on modification please contact and we will send you an offer.

Licence Types
What is the Desktop/Print Licence?

A Desktop/Print Licence is issued for printed matter and digital static images. It does not cover the use of fonts for logos or wordmarks. The Desktop/Print Licence for clients is based on company size, not the amount of people working with the font files. A separate Licence is available for independent designers and design studios, which allows unlimited use of a typeface exclusively for printed matter. This is especially aimed at designers working for artists and smaller cultural or non-profit institutions with limited means. It does not include use in the creation of identities, websites, merchandise, apps, etc.

What is the App/ePub Licence?

A Web Licence allows you to embed the typeface in a website. Licences are priced based on web traffic.

What is the App/ePub Licence?

An App/ePub Licence allows you to embed the typeface in a mobile application or an ePub.

What is the Social Media Licence?

A Social Media Licence allows you to use the typeface on all social media channels such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc. The Licence is based on the platform with the largest number of followers. Social media channels with less than 25k followers are covered by the Print/Desktop Licence and a separate Social Media Licence is not required.

Can I use your typefaces in videos?

Yes, with either a Social Media or Broadcasting Licence, depending on how the video will be shared.

I have previously purchased one or several of your typefaces and used them for multiple commercial projects under the single Print Licence. How do the new Terms and Conditions apply to my old Desktop/Print Licence deal?

Due to the continuous change of a fast-evolving media landscape, the Terms and Conditions continually reflect and adapt to new states of font usage accordingly. Any future uses of typefaces may be subject to additional licencing, which will also apply to existing Licence Holders.

Custom Typefaces
Can I modify and re-export your typeface?

No, it’s imperative that you do not modify and re-export the font files. For requests regarding modification please contact us and we will discuss an offer.

Can I commission J-LTF to create a Custom Typeface?

Yes, please get in touch via to discuss.

What types of font files do you provide?

Desktop/Print: OTF
App/ePub: TTF, OTF
Social Media: OTF
TTF can be provided on request, please send us an email.

Can I buy a Licence on behalf of someone else?

Yes, just state the name of the Licence Holder in the form during checkout and fill in your own information for the billing details.

How do I list my company size correctly?

State the amount of employees in your company across all offices. Keep in mind that Desktop/Print Licences are priced based on the total company size and not on the amount of users of the font files.

What payment methods do you accept?

You can pay by PayPal, iDEAL, or credit card.

Will I receive an invoice?

Yes, after you have completed your purchase you will receive an invoice via email.

Can I get a refund for my font purchase?

No, font software ordered is non-returnable and non-refundable. In case of accidentally double-purchasing a specific font, please get in touch with us and we will evaluate the case.

Can I test typefaces before purchasing?

Yes, we offer trial fonts for testing purposes. The trial font includes a limited character set of upper- and lowercase, numerals, and a couple of punctuation marks without kerning. They are for internal testing only. If used for anything beyond that, you must purchase a Licence. By downloading a trial font, you agree to refrain from modifying, reassembling, renaming, storing on publicly available servers, redistributing, and selling the font files as specified in our EULA. (Go to the trials page to download.)

Do you offer student discounts? Can you also get student discounts on web fonts?

Yes, for students we offer a 50% discount on all fonts. Fonts bought with this Licence can be used for non-commercial and self-initiated work for the full duration of your studies. As part of the checkout procedure you are required to attach valid proof of your enrolment (for example a scan of your student ID). A Licence purchased with a student discount only covers one user. After you graduate, contact us to upgrade your Licence.

If you are looking for a Web Licence for web-based student projects, we also offer 50% on all web fonts. These fonts can be used exclusively for non-commercial and self-initiated work. One Web Licence covers the use for one domain. This type of Licence does not need to be upgraded after you graduate.

Do you offer discounts for non-profit organisations?

We do, but it depends on the organisation’s focus. In the past we have been happy to help projects with small means and social agendas, but we are currently not able to uphold this given the amount of requests received. We urge you to consider that supporting the work of females and minorities also means offering fair and equal pay for labour and time, not using typefaces as symbolic gestures. Please get in touch with a description of your project or organisation in order to discuss the possibility of a discount. We have previously supported non-profit projects that work with marginalised voices and/or address sexism, racism, and other forms of discrimination.

Can I use my discounted fonts for commercial projects?

No, you must buy a separate Licence for use of a font for a commercial project. See list of Licences below for more information.

Are trial versions available for all fonts?

A handful of J-LTF fonts come without a trial version, however, we have tried to provide a friendly and best possible quality type-tester for testing the majority of available fonts, to give you a good insight into the collection.

Do you accept interns?

Unfortunately we currently do not work with interns. Any possible openings for internships will be announced on Instagram at @jung_lee_type_foundry.

Why have I not received a response to a request?

We get a large number of requests for discounts, so if you don’t receive a response within 3 working days we have decided to decline the request.