December 2022

Any License Holder of Jung-Lee Type Foundry font software and any other user of font software from Jung-Lee Type Foundry is bound to the terms and conditions in the Jung-Lee Type Foundry EULA. By buying, storing, providing access to or using trial files of Jung-Lee Type Foundry Font Software, by opening the packaging containing our typefaces or by using the Jung-Lee Type Foundry.com website you agree to the Terms and Conditions in the Jung-Lee Type Foundry EULA.

Please note that the general End User License Agreement is subject to continuous evolution and change, as the terms and conditions are reflecting the state of technological developments of font usage in a fast-changing media landscape. Any future uses of typefaces may be subject to additional licensing, which will also apply to existing license holders.

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End User Licence Agreement
December 2022

The J-LTF End User Licence Agreement (EULA) forms the basis of all licence agreements made with Jung-Lee Type Foundry.